Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Howdy Pardner!

Allen and I took a drive south of Albuquerque and went up around the Manzano mountain range. We came across this unique yard and couldn't resist these pictures!

Gggrrrrrr! Get 'em Fido!

Down the long lane.

Yogi and Boo Boo roasting uhhhhh.....their sticks.

Jackelope Season!
This is the best kind of herd to have. Doesn't require food, water,
or herding of any kind. And notice how the animals coexist....
dinosaurs and cattle, hmmmmm.

Proud Dana's Flower Garden & Misc.

Judd loves playing hockey with his friends.
Hockey or Karate Chop!!
Bye, Bye Yukon! We sold the Yukon and Allen now drives his Dad's blue '89 GMC Pickup.

Dana's tree ring & pretty flowers in front of the house in Albuquerque.
These are miniature daffodils & narcissus(sp?)
Look who's in the dog house! Watch out, Ryan, you're next!
Amber's former employer, Dr. Chris, made these cute little barn's and clocks.
She gave them to me when she moved to Maryland.
I think they look real cute in my flower garden!

This is my first ever attempt at planting bulbs (or flowers of any kind
for that matter!). As you can tell, I'm very proud of my flower garden!
The daffodils bloomed first this spring and looked so pretty, but the tulips
took forever. We finally have lots of pretty color! I could get real hooked
on this gardening stuff and this blogging stuff! This is way cool!

Pretty flowers! O.K. so I've finally found a hobby for my old age!
Besides my kids and grandkids that is!